Tenants Responsibilities

If a problem occurs during your tenancy, it's important to know who's responsibility for what. With that in mind, we've created a helpful guide which outlines your key responsibilities as a tenant


Take good care of the property to avoid any preventable issues. For example, turn off the water if you'll be away from the property during the colder months.


It's your responsibility to keep the property clean and tidy. If it is untidy at the end of the tenancy, your landlord or property manager (in the case of a fully managed property) may deduct from your deposit to make good.


You must deal with a pest infestation in cases where it is caused through your own actions, e.g. by not taking out the bins.


If damage does occur and is caused by you, a friend
or family member, it must be repaired or paid for by yourself.


Even if you've run into a dispute with the landlord or property manager (in the case of a fully managed property) rent payments must be made on time and be the agreed amount, as laid out in your tenancy agreement.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Refrain from acting in an anti-social way towards your neighbours, landlord or agency. You can be held accountable for the anti-social behaviour of anyone who lives with or visits you.


Do not sublet a property if your tenancy agreement, landlord or property manager has not agreed to it.

Additional Charges

Make sure other additional charges, laid out in your tenancy agreement, such as utilities and Council Tax are paid in on time.